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"If you've tried everything and are tired of searching for a weight-loss solution, Dr. Emran unlocks the secret to sustainable and achievable results!"
-Kara Steck, founder, Accelerated Results Institute

"Dr. Emran writes from the heart! If your goal is to lose weight, the four keys will open your gateway to success."
-Karen Warren Locklear, author of Freedom From Obesity
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The Long-term goal keeps you motivated through the short-term; let short term success motivate you for the long-term goal.
Fast-Track Your Health organizes the process of weight loss. Frequently, people either don't know where to start with weight loss or begin with incorrect information. For example, many books focus on specific diet or type of exercise.

In contrast, Fast-Track Your Health de-emphasizes those traditional approaches and instead looks at the process of weight loss and shares with the reader the common factors among people who have already succeeded in losing weight.

Dr. Emran's unique approach in Fast-Track Your Health involved studying previous weight-loss success stories and identifying the key factors that offer the reader a high likelihood of future success. The science is broken down into basic concepts that don't involve complex math, and there are many analogies that will lead people to understand the importance of the key factors.

Dr. Emran has included personal experiences with patients and with his own family to illustrate some the difficulties and some the techniques he describes. Fast-Track Your Health will help you:
  • Identify the common factors shared by people who have been successful with weight loss
  • Prevent common problems that result in no weight loss
  • Maintain hope despite multiple unsuccessful attempts you might have experienced
  • Organize the process of losing weight
Failure Is Not An Option When It Comes To Losing Weight...
If You Know Where To Start!

Your Fast-Track Plan for a Healthier Life Begins by Using the
Four Keys to Successful Weight Loss

Think for a moment of all the weight-loss programs, diets, and exercise regimens you've tried. Is weight-loss surgery in your past or on your mind today? Or are you simply looking for a successful
weight loss plan you or your loved ones can implement with confidence?

Regardless of where you are with your weight management situation, we can help.
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About Dr. Mohammad Emran
Dr. Mohammad A. Emran resides in Corpus Christi, TX. He is a board-certified general and pediatric surgeon who works with obese adolescents and performs weight loss surgery. He has years of experience addressing the challenges of excess weight and the failures of weight loss efforts.

Unfortunately, obesity is a disease of epidemic proportions throughout the United States, afflicting approximately one-third of children and teenagers. Dr. Emran has see and faced this first hand.

He has helped many patients realize success by teaching them the common factors that lead to achieve lasting success. The services he offers provide families in need with the opportunity to learn how to live a healthier life.

A graduate of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Dr. Mohammad Emran did his residency at University of Illinois, Metropolitan Group Hospitals.
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  • Looking for that one special program that works for everyone? DON'T! One-size-fits-all diets and programs don't work because we are all different. That's what this book is all about. Pg. 1
  • The three major components to weight gain. Pg. 7
  • How to keep your metabolism in a productive state that's almost always burning fat. Pg. 9
  • The six biggest reasons that people fail to lose weight and to maintain that weight loss over the long term. Pg. 13
  • The 12 most common reasons people give for not losing weight and how you can overcome all of them. Pg. 17
  • How to recognize and get rid of any baggage that you may have from your past that may be keeping you from that excess weight and keeping it off for the long haul. Pg. 23
  • The three key elements you must have to build a foundation for, not only successful weight loss but for success in any area of life. Pg. 41
  • How to maintain the momentum of losing weight far into the future. Pg. 95
  • How to tie all of the weight loss success concepts together and apply them to your own life so that you can successfully lose weight. Pg. 101
  • Special Bonus Offer: FREE Fast-Track Your Health Food Journal!
  • 12 Team Building Resources to Help you assemble you weight loss Dream Team!
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